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CARISSA HALSTON on sexy goth vampires

To the Unlikely Stories home pageHorror, in literature, serves to remind us of the things we most fear, and therefore sap these things of their power. Mostly, we are afraid of g-d, sex, and death. Carissa Halston takes on these three subjects, in a poem, short story, and short play, revealing them so that we might find them less terrifying. She intertwines the subjects with seeming ease, making them seem far less frightening in the bargain.

Carissa Halston, 22, lives in PA with her roommate and an endless stream of "freeloaders only here for the night." She's an actress as well as a writer of novels, short fiction, plays and poems. She has written one novel, Hanging by a Thread, which is currently being solicited for publication (hint, hint.) She's now working on her second novel, Black Sheep. Her play which appears here, Love, Sex, and Strap-Ons, is slated for production in late 2003.

If she had a scanner worth a damn, there'd be a picture. But, alas... You can write to her at litjunkie@yahoo.com.

Carissa's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

One Man Woman
The Small-Winged Angel
Love, Sex and Strap-Ons