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SEAN UNDERWOOD is just grateful he's not a Tolkien character

To the Unlikely Stories home pageSean UnderwoodWith one foot in literary deconstructionism and one foot in the madhouse, the poems and short stories of Sean Underwood touch on philosophy, identity, and the introspection that comes from smoking bad weed. Sean Underwood uses deceptively simple language to discuss the weaknesses of literature, the failure of popular culture, and the loneliness of the human condition in ways that will puzzle and delight you.

Sean says, "My name is Sean Underwood. I live in Saratoga Springs, New York. I have 28 years, 6'4" brown, green. SWM looking for a possible LTR. I'm currently finishing up my bachelors degree at which point I will be diving headlong into grad school. I plan on being a professor of English somewhere in the northeastern United States, but who the hell really knows. I've been writing seriously for about three years now and plan on continuing until I stop making sense to myself. Please feel free to e-mail with any comments or questions. Thank you." Drop him a line at wanker299@hotmail.com.

Sean's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

overture in c flat
ditch weed
in response to post script: The mirror’s the thing to curse us, verisimilitude in our perfect creation of humanity. Ask Dorian.