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TRAVIS CATSULL fears not the white scorpion

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Take the time to study the intricate layers of Travis Catsull's poetry. You'll find a host of targeted symbols and imagery, blended together in a mix that is at once powerful and beautiful. Though abstract, his poems always end with a punch, leaving you with a new impression of their writer and his form. The four poems we present here are sure to fascinate you.

Travis Catsull is a snowman in Texas, a scarecrow in a patch of zombies, a robot by the brook and a ghost in a briefcase. His fourth chapbook will be published in a Winter pharmacy where the rain breaks through blimps and we catch ourselves beside the jackhawk. The jackhawk with a broken leg, one leg... by the one legged jackhawk. Drop him a line at haggardandhalloo@yahoo.com, or check out his book at the Unlikely Stories Bookstore.

Travis's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

The Last Raindrop
The Soft Rejoice
The Flood of Mathis
Mathis Answers