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The Soft Rejoice

Let's call in drunk all day
and sing the song of tongues
because every kiss I give you
goes a different direction.

It's nice outside and you know
I'd never hit you, but what if
you were trapped inside a pinata?

Spinning in the yard till the moon spits
lungs and we gasp at one another.
The nite-lite, spreading
like a blanket of amber across the window
and paradise
is still paradise
rising over your patch of nipples
while the ground just waits and creaks.

And when we're finished,
poison the horses
and bury me under the tree house.

Poking at my shadow with a candle
will do no good and your footprints
won't warm the knoll that covers my bones.

Instead, use my spine to descend safely
into bed and use my hands to eat
the candy we've broken.

And if you must remember me, plant pumpkins
where I lay and carve them to my likeness
and together we'll sing
in soft rejoice.

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