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ROYCE SYKES wears his sunnyglasses at night

To the Unlikely Stories home pageWith a keen sense of the incredible in the ordinary, the poems of Royce Sykes have something essential to say about the way we live our lives. Using symbols as commonplace as an old bus or a wet newspaper, Royce brings us a little closer to the things we need to understand. We are proud to present a collection of his poems and short stories here.

Royce says, "Literature strikes me as something like a window, somewhat dusty, maybe even streaked, within which I see reflections of myself and what's behind me translucently superimposed over the slightly distorted view of what lies beyond the window. I feel this is a lot of what ends up in my own work."

Royce haunts the Central West End of St. Louis, MO (USA) like a ghose who's forgotten whether he left his sheet at the dry cleaners or in some bar. His writings have appeared in Ophelia's Muse, Chaos Theory, Maelstrom, Wired Hearts, Amarillo Bay, 3rd Muse, Blood Moon, Switched On Gutenberg, Sexy Thinking, Countless Horizons, Another Night And Day Alliance, Touch, Ygdrasil, 2River View, Fireside, poetrymagazine.com, Literotica, Snakeskin and Liberty Grove. Check out his website at http://www.geocities.com/sojournerwolf/index.html, or write to him at waya@swbell.net.

Royce's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Meet Me in the Dark Stud's Lament
In the Queue for Autumn Watching Her Watching
Tempered Son Rhythm of the Dryer Drums
Watching the Rain Dance Death Most Likely
Wednesday Morning Thoughts Dry Spell

The Loop Euclid Street Shadows
The Angelic Temple of Deliverance

Confessions at the Bar Survivor's Cache
Signs and/or Wonders In Stark Morning Light
In the Window of Left Bank Books Schoolyard Memories along Kings Highway