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Stud's Lament
(with tongue in cheek of your choice)
Baby, I hear you and feel your pain;
can understand you might at times
consider your luscious body not 
a temple but prison where your soul-- 
which I can see is sweet and shapely 
--has been locked away into solitary 
behind doors so dammed good looking <
no one wants to bother with what's 
within them, 'cause you are that fine, 
I, too, have wished could be ruled by
lust alone, lose myself in splendors
of the flesh without hearing my spirit 
screams for release from simple profane 
pleasures, shudder at the addicts' gaze 
of those who've only known me through
shallow nights of mind blowing passion 
as their ticket to flights of ecstasy
beyond anything they ever knew before.
You and I, we understand even if they
do not, that what we seek is more than
feel of supple tongue and eager lips,
lies beyond talent and knowledge for
evoking endless orgasms between silken
sheets, endures past inexhaustible vigor;
an endless variety of positions is no
substitute for the complications of love,
the deeper desire for mating of hearts.
This bar, this meat market, is no place
for two such as we to discuss matters
so profound; where the eyes upon us both
merely flicker with hunger of the moment.
Let's go where we may, without distraction, 
explore what we've each suppressed too long 
over a bottle of chilled Chablis before 
a crackling fire and together, perhaps 
find answers before the coming of dawn.
I'll even buy you breakfast.

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