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KAREN LODGE... puns here would just be cruel

To the Unlikely Stories home pageKaren Lodge reads her bioSultry and inviting, the poems of Karen Lodge are potent reminders of all the love you've ever experienced. They move quickly and powerfully through their subjects, painting for us pictures of romance, passion, loss, and the neverending search for beauty. In a fearless voice, Karen Lodge shows us the things we're all looking for. You'll enjoy the three poems we have here.

Karen has been much influenced by Tolstoy, Hugo, Whitman and perhaps Bob Dylan. If she doesn't write, she becomes ill. She has a backlog of well over 100 unpublished poems, has begun a novel, and is a fulltime project manager for a printing company. Drop her a line at CloudLodge@aol.com. Her vision is quite poor, so please use a large font when writing to her.

Karen's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

August Heat
Small Affair