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I'm very busy today.
I have to get my driver's license renewed.
I have to finish the book I checked out from the library.
I have to litter-train my cat.
I have to smoke this cigarette.

I have a contest to judge.
I have events to put on.
I have stories to finish.
I have a magazine to edit, for christ's sake.

I'm very busy today.
I don't know of all the places where dictators
are ruthlessly stamping out
minorities, dissidents, the rich and poor alike.
I don't know what RAWA is doing today.
I don't know what Amnesty International is doing today.
Are people still looting in Bagdhad?
Would you tell me?
I don't have time to surf the news sites, and you can't believe
anything you read anyway.

I'm doing my part.
I've been to the peace rallies.
My voter registration card came today.
I don't know who's running.
I have to smoke this cigarette.

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