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JENNIFER SKERRETT. No idea where THAT name comes from.

I am participating in my own recovery, Dr. Eve.
-- Sordid Lives

To the Unlikely Stories home pageBleeding with the agony of desire, the poems of Jennifer Skerrett seem undecided as to whether or not they are quite prepared to accept loss. Still, loss rings through every word, be it the loss of a loved one, a relationship, or the narrator's own identity, portrayed in the gentle tones of the inevitable, whether a particular narrator chooses to accept it or not. These poems make their difficulty clear.

Jennifer says, "I live in Nashville, TN and like all kinds of music -- even country. I'm still working on the guitar and mandolin. I do stand-up comedy occasionally and no -- don't ask me to say something funny! I have some of my b&w photos of street musicians displayed in a local gallery and some of my poems have appeared in The Vanderbilt Literary Review." She can be reached at jskerrett@hotmail.com.

Jennifer's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Why am I Here
DNR - Do Not Resuscitate
You are a gift I hold too tightly
Stay Forever