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Chocolate Filled Twinkie

Damn hunger, chips and dip,
a Twinkie; chocolate filled
hard to find, but 7-Eleven
seems to hoard the world's
supply, so lucky the nearest
one is only a three block
jaunt in socks and cock,
it's cold so it's not hard
to run, Hell gotta have
a red slurpie too, maybe
a condom, or just a cheap
toy: $.50, what a fucking
bargain.  Walking back,
a bag on each arm, toys
and happy hats slid inside
socks and for some reason
a saluting cock.  Gotta
get back, strapped and ready,
but one-eyed Willie is yelling;
gotta pee, gotta pee.  Standing
on the toilet, damn this is pretty
fucking neat, always good
to be high on the pot.

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