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SIRRUS POE fought Hitler in the future

To the Unlikely Stories home pageAll you need to do is look at the titles of Sirrus Poe's poems to realize that you're in for a surreal treat; his use of wordplay is clearly exciting and fresh. What the titles won't tell you is how intensely and desperately emotional his poems can be; they scream of loneliness, loss and longing, with unique language that fully absorbs the reader, until one feels like the author ripped each line out of the reader's chest.

Sirrus Poe's short stories, poems, essays and photography have appeared in numerous print and online journals; such as, Snow Monkey, Carillon, Ancient Paths, Can We Have Our Ball Back?, Poet's Cut, Sidereality, Decompisitions, Morbid Musings, Fearbook and Gin Bender. His newest book, Releasing the Demons, has been released and is available at all quality bookstores and online at Barnes and Noble and Books A Million. And he is currently working on a revision of his novel, "Broken Dreams", for another publisher as well as working on a poetry chapbook, "A Mother's Supposed Love". You can write to him at sirruspoe@hotmail.com.

Sirrus's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Lonely Fish Without Oxygen
Christina Is No Longer Breathing
Chocolate Filled Twinkie
Bad Thoughts Change the Color of Your Brain