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My New Life
This is how it begins,
semen spilled on the hardwood floor,
left there for the roaches,
crawling between cobwebs
that cover their hiding places.
My body aches as I shrug off
the polish of last night’s sweat,
my hard sleep.  I pull aside smoke-
stale curtains that sift dust.
My fingers are crusted with blood.
At the bathroom sink, I turn the cold
knob, and liquid rust pours out.
In the mirror, flesh,
scarred and bruised. And then
the image flutters on the glass:
They came in a rush of whispers--
Shadows with quick, numbing words--
tore open the twilight to
darkness that shrouded my eyes.
They raped me, razored
Their language into
my arms and chest,
and left me there,
shedding my life.

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