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it was a sweet fabricated life
sold to the kids the neighbors
the family and the PTA
fictional accounts written on applications
medical questionnaires census reports
and the publisher's clearinghouse sweepstakes entry forms
you've been eliminated and I'm drained
hey and skinny oh yeah and sexy
never looked better never felt better never felt so
my insatiable worm has turned
hollowed cheeks flattened breasts deflated stomachs
thighs sucked smaller
slight of hand a flick of the wrist
hey what's your real name
how tall are u and what do u weigh
do u have a pic and do ya wanna meet
I like what I see baby yeah you are
the real thing
aren't you
no I never stuck my finger down my throat
I had perfected the gag reflex
it was automatic and effortless it surged
through me the first taste of poison
the burn in my throat
sitting a moment in my chest
oh baby just one more lingering moment
and then I'll purge myself of you flush you out
and I will swear
you were never past my lips

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