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Lard Umbrella
(a play in one act)

black: nice jewtanks
bluck: theyre new
black: how many jews bodies do they burn up
bluck: a lot of them
black: i cant hardly fit thirty jews into my jewtank
bluck: have you a cigarette
black: no
bluck: have you any cocaine
black: yes
bluck: your standing on my shoe-jew
black: im sorry
bluck: are any of his fingers broken
black: no
bluck: he bleeds
black: yes
bluck: ah well, he still can shine
black: his hip looks broken
bluck: he crawls with vigor
black: will he tend to my shoes
bluck: yes
black: nice jewtanks
bluck: theyre new
black: i cant hardly burn up thirty jews in my jewtank
bluck: have you any cocaine
black: yes
bluck: trade cocaine for big jewtanks
black: no
bluck: i wrote my name on my jew tanks B L U N K
black: may i kiss your asshole
bluck: guards!
black: yes
bluck: take yourself to the gas chamber
black: no
bluck: why
black: fuck you
bluck: would you like a radish
black: no
bluck: would you like a frying pan
black: no
bluck: have you the time
black: its many years ago
bluck: is it not
black: what
bluck: look down
black: ah miraculous
bluck: i had jews cut fingers off jews 
black: yes
bluck: and each nail painted a different color
black: no
bluck: then tossed here to mulch
black: oh
bluck: the most delightful gnat-hats grow here
black: gnat hats
bluck: i invented them
black: oooooh
bluck: and look at this
black: ?
bluck: its venus flytrap with human toothing
black: what
bluck: i invented it with my powers
black: you dont have powers
bluck: do so
black: do not
bluck: watch
black: would you like to go over there
bluck: not yet my knees ache
black: let me smear ointment on them have you any warts
bluck: ive got a goiter
black: oh my i always thought that was a second brain grafted to your neck
bluck: its really ugly
black: its from the jews
bluck: which one
black: um i dont see him
bluck: he must be hiding in the toilet
black: have you an orange
bluck: i have an orange tooth
black: that will suffice give it here
bluck: its mine
black: but i want it
bluck: well you cant have it
black: what are you chewing on
bluck: a fish skeleton
black: your gums bleed from your lips
bluck: my molars fell out so i replaced them with nuggets
black: did it not hurt
bluck: eh
Villianous coctto ohen ns(ctto on)
black: i like your seat of scrotums
bluck: its not mine eh
black: whose
bluck: lung-sick
black: your imaginary friend
bluck: hes real
black: its a lung
bluck: i refuse to listen to you because youre quite ruthless and cruel
black: giggle
bluck: jew
black: jew
bluck: jew
black: oh
lung-sick: enough
black: shall we go over there
lung-sick: i have no legs
bluck: not yet my knees have pain
black: will you not eat a pain-aspirin
bluck: i cant swallow pills
black: ill mash it into your paste
bluck: what
lung-sick: have either of you a cigarette
black: where does this water come from
bluck: i urinate on your leg
black: oh
bluck: who broke all these in half
black: it was somebody
bluck: where is my goiter
black: maybe you got better
bluck: oh here it is
black: did you put this mint in my pocket
lung-sick: ooh ooh
bluck: yes
lung-sick: i like mint
bluck: you stand on my shoe-jew
black: he crawled under my feet 
bluck: blasphemy
black: hes dead
bluck: lets resurrect him
black: it doesnt work
bluck: i resurrected you
black: no you didnt
bluck: did so 
black: ah indeed
bluck: your penis rolls down the floor
black: ah well
where is the washing machine of scents and dreams

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