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Confessions of a Cold Medicine Eater

two forty five in the pee em
i awaken to sunlight that hits me like a warm stream of watery soup mixed with urine capacitated at room temperature. the sound of the mail man awakens me. he is a retard with a lazy eye ,i can see his nipples through his shirt. he is a frightening individual. he has left me three boxes of coricidin in a box that i got for free in my mad sobriety which renders me violent to the most harmless onlooker and vengeful to the slightest trespass, i consume 48 some odd pills. i dont know how many grams, fuck you, do the math.

two fifty six in the pee em
noticed how ugly my cock was while i was jacking off. spilled iodine on the carpet. got angry and struck my elderly mother. Her vagina looks like an abused tangerine. ive seen it. threw a hamster through a window. took a dump and giggled at the sight of my own turd. took a shower, and sat in front of my computer without a shirt on. i played with my nipples, which were rigid from the cold of my basement.

three twenty wun in the pee em
got restless and angry at all the ants so i went for a walk. put on a ragged flannel jacket and boots. i look like a madman. i had a visible erection that was bopping its head to my heartbeat. no getting around the cock slops. i pick up a bottle of urine and chuck it at a small child drawing with chalk. it bursts on his head and he slumps over. i hear a dog bark .it is the same dog that has been barking at me for years. it is blind, and cannot find me. i take the childs chalk and write on the driveway "Litl Beutifull Big Ugli" then i continue on my way, after looking down the childs pants. he was a young negroid child. probably escaped from the south to sip the golden cuntweeds of ohio. a genuine fellow. i scamper along to avoid civil entanglements

three forty fore in the pee em
i wade through ankle deep robotussion refuse rivers to the high school. i throw a bottle on the ground .it bursts. youll rarely find a man who does not smash pretty things as he happens upon them. my erection is still going strong. im feeling the dxm kicking in. I pass through the parking lot, tripping on a stone. i regain my balance, and notice someone has written "indian joe was here" on the pavement. i pray to the god of the garbage fellow of ohio that indian joe does not come back, but i know he will. indian joe always comes back.

four owe tooh in the peeh emm
i pass through the basketball court. zulu fucking mastroes play basketball with the bloated genitals of an unfortunate angel who was to fat to fly away. most of the angels are dead now. they were all really fat before they were dead .i dont know how they died. but they were ugly and fat every last one of them. i notice a young girl licking a dead angels butthole. she looks up and smiles at me. i toss her a twinkie. she knows im high. im doomed.

fore owe 19 in the pee emm
DXM is roaring. i can feel the grass tickling the top of my head. i am giggling, because i like how it sounds. i sound like a little girl. once, a man heard my giggle and fucked me in the ass. he couldnt tell that i was not a little girl, despite my butch and ragged appearance. he used the universal orifice, and i sprayed shit all over him by accident. he didnt mind. i reach the black circle. people wander around this circle for no reason all day. they all look at me as i pass. they know that i am high. im doomed.

4 32pm
i reach the railroad tracks after checking for trains. there are none, so i proceed. to the left, is nothing. and to the right, is everything. i urinate in a ziploc baggie and seal it, then place it in my pocket. i proceed to the left, kicking human tongues and empty robotussion bottles out of my way. Verdi sings a sad song in my ear. i pass a small patch of cat tails .i see puffs of smoke coming from them. i know my mother is in those cat tails, smoking tobacco.
"tobacco as an alternative to suicide"
i pull a grenade from my belt and toss it into the cattails. thousands of headless chickens run from the brush in all chaotic weavance. a gigantic ass emerges as well, slowly, enqueued in the chaos .my grenade is lodged in the asshole. the ass blows up, and i continue on my way. I cannot remember when the chickens stopped dying after they beheaded them. But i do remember that they still behead chickens for no reason.
Ive eaten chicken heads for dinner every day forever. even though theyre still alive, and still alive in my giant stomach, pecking their way out. occasionally, i eat a bomb. they all bloe ub .i notice clothespins on my nipples. i remove them, and continue on my way. nothing herefoofe cums.

4 45
I am left warblesome and cantankerous in my stupor,as the DXM has full hold. the syrup demons dance around me, telling me to puke.
"assfukin robolube babyteets chew a dogs leg my blood is oyl have a taste
"poop on the flore barefoot slam dance nipples all over your head flies on your toste
"chicken pot pie on your barefoot a possum cock in your armpit but ill not puke.

fyv oglog in the nood
i puke all over in front of me. the syrup demons rip off their clothes and fuck each other in my puke. one of the syrup demons drops his pants revealing an electrical socket where his cockworks should be. he plugs in an electric sander, and runs down the street, screaming i pass ,nonchalantly. they cannot see me. the moon looks like an alka seltzer tablet. if it rains, were all doomed. billy graham drives by in a minivan a man made of pure licorice. they look at me. they know i am high. i notice the licorice man has partially devoured himself.

five owetooth tunty
i pass a dead dog. i go to bury it, and hear a gun go off. i notice a man in the trees with a shotgun. a tin of vaseline is wedged on his bare left heel. the dxm roars. my erection swings back and forth like a pendulum, coating everything in blue paint. a monkey runs by and hits me over the head with a baby, still attached to an umbilical cord. a blue crayon runs furiously after him. everything seems red.


i wake up.
a train is fucking me in the ass.
the dxm roars
my erection is spinning in circles
there is a black eyed pea in my urethra
i try to take it, and my cock snaps at me
it is eating the pea
my cock knows im high
im doomed
an angel falls on top of me
i lick her neck, and find that she is breaded like a chicken leg


i awaken in the bush, and walk home, smoking pot in a fluorescent pink stash pipe. i kick a young boy in the face as i pass, who is drawing a sun on the ground.

trip is over

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