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JOSH ANDERSON is ten feet tall

To the Unlikely Stories home pageMany writers explore the themes of loneliness and isolation, but Josh Anderson does so with an outstanding sense of humor. His poems and stories poke fun at his own foibles, while taking time out to ridicule the foibles of society, as well. You'll find his style jovial and clear.

Josh says, "I'm going on 28 years and working overnight shelving books for a mega-monolith (Borders), which isn't advancing my ambitions or ego. Here is my latest attempt at notoriety. My previous efforts include minor flashes in high school and college literary mags, I'm a publishing embryo. Further self-description and promotion consist of my fervent hope in the resurrection of Philip K. Dick, Lem and Borges. My fiction perusal is trapped in the 70's, and I'm pretty cyber-punked out. I hope that last cliche made some sense." Check out his rap sheet.

Josh's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

July 1999 - July 2000:
A Bullshitter's Manifesto
Howdy, Neighbor
oh yeah, i said that