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Tyler Clay can spell his name backwards and forewards

To the Unlikely Stories home pageDark and symbolic, the works of Tyler Clay are filled with the cynicism that follows moralists wherever they go. These haunting pieces will remind you how painful it is to try to walk an ethical path in a world that was never built for ethics.

Tyler says: "I'm a 17 year old from the beautiful state of West Virginia, whose rolling, mist shrouded hills become remarkable fodder for poetry at times. Most of my work consists of either raw emotion manifesting itself into 2nd person form, or just my own personal musings. I used to write to change point of view - a ceaseless pursuit of that altered perspective that makes people gasp... Now, I believe, I write more to hide from my own sight - to escape from that vantage and hovel on the ground, which is why some of my latest poetry seems to be more compelling. I heard once that you should only write about things you've experienced, and I've abided by that more or less, aside from the more situational poetry, for which you have to search for a much deeper meaning in order to grasp the experience I had to evoke it."

Tyler's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

July 1999 - July 2000:
My Outside, the Dark Clouds Move Slowly
Somewhere a Boy Throws a Stone The Weather Changed
The Sky Switches On Must
Outside the Hum As I Rounded the Corner
Cleaned Up Look for Me There
Oh My God Light Seeps Through
Your Name Is Sister Seven? What's an It?
There Stood the Last

July 1998 - July 1999:
Abducted by Dawn The Stillness Remembers
She Falls from Balance, Sometimes It's Routine - A Trait -
It Said in Ink As a Place to Vent My Care
It's Easier to Think Of You've Come a Distance
The Filmstrip Repeats She Walked into the End
It Was Naught but the Toss of a Quarter Monogomy
As a Tomorrow That This Virgin Solitude
I Wake in Ruptured Dreams Stacks of Paper
She Kept You Alive You Can Make Me A
The Hell of Eternity Reliance
A Pretense Is Here Violated Forever
Stirring A Lonely Wretch I Am
New Mortality A Dream Has Expired
Abortion I Know Not
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