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White Noise

So it's called white
noise, then, this I am able now
to exist in, nights:
to have nothing,
have even
what one woman had her husband
go out and beat
to silence
for her,
one inside
movement, one
shift: is that
the response
correct, all
response incorrect?
This I've been
that he said
he couldn't enter
anymore, probably: some
hesitation there
about entering
if anyone is there:
a general,
that general
dawns, these
It said,
if you remove
this thing,
there will be repercussions,
movement will start,
a whole general
occurrence will have been
begun; that was when
shift started,
dislocation moved
me off, the man
why not try?
there might be something
in it,
going out his door-

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