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drunk: there's no reason to put your shoes in the street
trip:  i've got this thing you see and, yes?
drunk: go that way and tap three times then come back
trip:  why
drunk: i'm tired
trip:  you're shit
drunk: go to work
trip:  i'm quitting today, i stole 120 dollars
drunk: i'm quitting today too
trip:  god shut up please i can't take this, it's like a fucking exploding bullet!
drunk: you've been doing powders again
trip:  organics
drunk: don't be stingy, i havent had a drink for...
trip:  why don't the police arrest me, im fucking cold and horny
drunk: you're too ugly and fat to get raped
trip:  true
drunk: i'm surprised your dick didn't crawl off your body
trip:  who are you again
drunk: let's smoke opium and drink whiskey from my cold silver flask
trip:  let's go create art but smoke opium and drink whiskey instead
drunk: that music makes me want to wear a mask
trip:  you smoke opium too much in a wooden pipe
drunk: is there powder residue in here
trip:  yes, but mostly opium hash and crushed up saltine cracker vitimins
drunk: (SCREAMS)
trip:  you're gangreneous
drunk: i've been getting many erections since i began to smell it
trip:  smell
drunk: smell my gangrene on my fingers
trip:  if you chew live dogs in summer innocence never dies
drunk: have you been watching television in that room of yours
trip:  no
drunk: rocking chairs in my ankles with price tags

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