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realized today
my way of thinking
had been asphixiated
by so many captors
the light swims into the dawn
light i found revolting
for years
now is just light
now is only part
of our changing mosiac
no longer an oppressor
the light glides
over the streets and walls
as it had done always before
it is not the insult
of slavedrivers which i had
hired for myself 
out of youth and fear
it is not the cruelty of a god
whom i had once 
loved and hated 
it is not my light
it is not myself
it is not a reflection
it is only itself
bodies rise to a life
i once thought was lived
in reprimand of myself
bodies rise now to a life
of their own living
faces i thought to be once cruel
now only faces at shift
just faces
passing images owning themselves
eyes look into mine
not owning 
but only eyes looking
as eyes often look
in the mirror
i no longer see
a reflection
of my own hatred
i stand living
where i will lay dying
i stand alive
under the light
after the long night

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