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DEBBIE KIRK derides Star Trek, but knows more about Nimoy than anyone should

To the Unlikely Stories home pageIf the letters of her poetry are not red the violent expression yearning to be heard is. Debbie makes a spectacle of herself trying to be heard, trying to find herself within all the voices. Defining a line between mentally ill with low Seratonin levels having to fork big bucks for a one month supply of Prozac while those prescribing it pass judgments not well suited to those just trying to get by. Her point is very powerfully expressed and if you listen close enough voices may emanate into one emancipated scream for acknowledgment of what's really wrong with the world today.

Debbie Kirk is a 30-year-old writer from Austin, Texas who currently resides in Toledo, Ohio. She is the author of two chapbooks “Lost Words of Suicide Lovers“ (Pink Anarchkitty Press), and “Valley of the Gallows” (Black Hoody Nation Press). She has been published in a number of online publications, and has run columns at Babel and The Hold. She is the creator and editor of Pink Anarchkitty Press, which is in the process of releasing chapbooks by John Sweet and Brandon Tussey. Also on the agenda, is a murder anthology. As of yet, most noteable authors that have contributed to this project are: Karl Koweski, John Natkie, Glenn Cooper, Kurt Lee, John Sweet, Bradley Hamlin, John Dorsey, Justin Barrett, and JJ Campbell. She is engaged to Jonathan Penton and feels funny talking about herself in the third person. Drop her a line at d.kirk@sbcglobal.net.

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