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Prozac Infomercial

I’ve been thinking about this whole serotonin thing
How the hell do we even really know it exists?
Is it PH Balanced?
Does Prozac use all natural products
And is it
New and improved
Is it “only available right now in the US”

Don’t try to snort ‘em, tho
I already did and it didn’t do shit

See the reason 
And I really do hate
Most things
Is because my serotonin is low
Those fuckers are $3.00 a pill.
Drug manufactures drive Lexus
And molest the kids
That are on the soccer team
That they coach on the weekends

The “mentally ill” fill homeless shelters
The streets.
People are sick 
Because of this chemical imbalance
That is genetic, you see.
That’s why they eat out of the dumpsters
And 15 year olds turn tricks for dope money

But there’s GOOD NEWS
All you have to do is take this pill
And you will be 100% American
“They” have figured out what is wrong with “us”
and they have the costly cure.
It may have 15 side effects
But you’ll enjoy a life
Of watching TV now.

We are “sick”
We are sick because we work
Shitty jobs we don’t want
To buy things we don’t need
And have no livelihood,
Or we live a life of poverty.

I think they have Prozac extra strength now
Pretty soon they will probably sprinkle it in 
I saw a lady today 
Mumbling to herself
Filthy with a toddler in tow

And people are at Hooter’s
Leaving $20 tips.
Trying to pick up the 17 year old waitress
While the wife is home with the two kids.
But they never missed a day of work
They’ve never been in jail.
Their clothes are all clean
And they always have a smile.

They are well
We are sick.
Chemically imbalanced
Genetically fucked up.

And they still
Shake their heads
Scribble on their clipboard
And tell me they don’t understand
What I’m so angry about.
A hand with a Rolex hands me a script
That will be 80 bucks
and that’s just one months worth..

I can’t wait till the day
That the hands attached to arms
decorated with track marks
the arms soaked in urine
the arms of the punks
the arms of the few
the very few
who have figured out what it really means to be sick,
are holding a gun
to the one with the perfect teeth.

Alcohol makes me well
And YOU make me sick
And the thing I hate the most
Are these people passing judgments
Separating the classes
Segregating the unwanted
Just because
We know that TV is masturbation
And God is patriarchal, capitalist, and conformist
And no one 
Not one of us
Is well.

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