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K. M. DERSLEY asks stacks of questions

To the Unlikely Stories home pageK. M. Dersley, in black and whiteThe darkly humorous poems and stories of K. M. Dersley lampoon society, love, work, and always the confused life of the artist. With a voice that laughs more than it smiles, K. M. Dersley casually studies the madness of the offbeat and the average, examining himself and others with a jaundiced eye. You'll be delighted by the poem and four of his short stories we present here.

K.M. Dersley is a UK article and story writer, poet and songwriter. In May 2000 he launched the ragged EDGE website, first for his own works, later for those of other writers too.

Dersley's style is informal and immediate, casual, unbuttoned, somewhat post-Beat Generation. According to Deian Vincent of New Hope International Review On-Line (writing about Sketches by Derz):

'I don't know much about Dersley's poetry but if it as good as his opinionated musings he must be one of Britain's best kept underground secrets. Fantastic stuff!'

KMD has now produced a full-length CD of his songs. It's called Derzology. Check out http://www.raggededge.btinternet.co.uk/derzology.htm, or drop KMD a line through Unlikely Stories.

K. M.'s works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Just a Suburban Pack Rat
Night of the Mohocks
Pulp (audio only)
Ten Shining Minutes
The World & Its Infuriating Work
Bardic Stopover
By the Light of All His Demons

Just a Suburban Pack Rat is exerpted from K. M. Dersley's book, Sketches by Derz.

To hear the audio file, you will need an MP3 player, such as Winamp.