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rhapsody in black

carried in with a flurry of nightfall air
she emerges in the living portrait of irreverence enveloping me:
a rhapsody in black.

porcelain skin the hue of ophelia drowned,
eyes cast as almonds,
and a minx frame dipped in a leather and silk second skin.
in a past life, she must have been an emperor’s consort.
but in this she is resurrected as a translyvanian concubine.

a bouquet of lilacs overwhelms 
the contaminated reek of fetish 
as she lounges only a seize away.
rapture reels as I breathe her in.

black tape for a blue girl is the melodic, background chorus;
her soundtrack for this eve.
thin membranes cannot hide the lurid depictions
that secrete from my mind and curdle into fascinations.

a dark bedroom, 
darker souls.
black electrical tape concealing nipples.
collared and handcuffed in supplication.
razors bring lacerations.
lacerations release the blood play.
hundreds of human rubies that ornate fingernails and dye lips.
saliva strands adhere like spider webs
while absinthe stained tongues trace
exotic illustrations and forbidden piercings.
sodomy in a reborn gomorrah.
to covet and dominate until the appetite devours itself
and us captives are released 
for the scant hours of the sun’s reign.

enough furtive glances
and subtle postures.
the addiction of flesh is too immense.

i will be her insatiable tool of violation.
her divine prince nothing with a hand between her legs.
with delight she returns my diablerie grin.

“allow me,”
and with a spark 
the fire begins its burn.

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