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JEFFREY JAMES PIERING sneaks a drink or two at lunch

"Genius might be the ability to say a profound thing in a simple way."
--Charles Bukowski

To the Unlikely Stories home pageJeffrey James Piering in Alabama. That's a joke.The poems of Jeffrey James Piering delight in violence, sex, true love, and other sordid topics, while at the same time transcending them. He approaches his topics with a sort of cynical sweetness, exploring the underside of reality with a love for humanity that shows through at his darkest moments. He deals with every sort of situation without judgement. His is the calm reflection of a complex man in a simple world.

Jeffrey says, "What drives any sane being to write? Or, for that matter, undertake any creative endeavor. For years I was under the distinct impression that it was pain, anger, and conflict. That is what fed my internal muses their sour feasts and they in turn fed me their sick milk. The nourishment that I needed to exorcise what I was or was not experiencing. Now, though, anything can be a catalyst, whether negative or positive or just neutral. Everyone has particular moments in their lives and it is just how and if we ever decide to translate what they really mean to ourselves and the public. What drives any sane being to write? I honestly have never figured it out. I'm just thankful my obsession isn't painting and that I still possess both my ears." You can write to Jeffrey at damonstrut@earthlink.com.

Jeffrey's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

lowball, lowbrow and lowenbrau
rhapsody in black