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AVERIL BONES is the quintessence of animation

To the Unlikely Stories home pageAveril, or an alien imposter? You be the judgeSoftly yet searingly romantic, Averil Bones uses her poems to tell stories of love lost, the cruelty of waiting, and the utter indifference of life and humanity. Her short, simple poems and metaphors will invoke your most bittersweet memories.

Averil Bones lives in Sydney, Australia, holds a BA Communication (Print Journalism) and currently works in the publishing industry. Her work has appeared in many journals and zines including The Blue Fifth Review, Aileron, Comrades, Red Coral, Poetry Life & Times, Poetry News, Ascent Magazine, Poets Cut, PoetryMagazine.com, Pale Forest, FZQ, Outsider Ink, Grassroots Poetry, Dalipyati, San Francisco Salvo, Dead Mule and This Hard Wind. She is a regular contributor to Poetry Downunder and is featured as an Alpha Poet on The Poet's Porch. Drop her a line at bones@sublime.com.au.

Averil's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Rubenesque She Called My Curves
On Titan
Long Lost

Delicious previously appeared in L'Intrigue and The Ampersand.