Unlikely Stories Presents

CAROLYN OGBURN and the local mengerie

To the Unlikely Stories home pageLike the wildest colors of the spectrum, the poems of Carolyn Ogburn are steeped in a soft sensuality that sounds like lust, but feels like love. Her poems glow with an energy and beauty that reveals perfectly their meaning; they crave and want and need, while giving us far more than a lover could. You'll be awed by the three poems, co-authored with Margo Solod, that we present here.

Carolyn Ogburn grew up making forts out of pine needles and sticks, out of piano music and back porches, out of whiskey and poetry. She lives with her girlfriend, dogs, cats and chickens in Wise Acres, deep in the mountains of Madison County, NC, where she finds jobs for other people and is writing a book about it called Hell and Scissors. Drop her a line at carolyn_ogburn@yahoo.com.

Carolyn's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

What You've Taught Me About Temperature with Margo Solod
How to Rest with Margo Solod
Red with Margo Solod