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MARGO SOLOD and 70's television

To the Unlikely Stories home pageThe popular poems of Margo Solod have a quiet beauty that perfectly underscores their emotional nature. Making symbols of mummies and marijuana, she discusses death, desire, and determination with a voice that is at once perfectly rational and utterly passionate. Her poems are uncanny glimpses into her own mental state, a state that we'll immediately understand and identify with.

Margo Solod was born queer in a small town in East Tennessee, although she didn't realize it until she fell in love with Susan Dey on The Partridge Family. After college she spent 10 years traveling around the country playing electrician for small theater companies before settling down for 15 years on a tiny New England island, where she ran an Inn and restaurant. Three years ago she escaped and seems to have settled in the middle of 72 acres in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia where she grows edible flowers and culinary and medicinal herbs, weaves harnesses for hammocks and bakes for bookstores. She has published poems in more than 60 magazines and journals, as well as 5 anthologies. Her 3 chapbooks were published in 1995, 1996 and 1999 by Tortilla Press, Nightshade Press, and Talent House Press. Drop her a line at margosolod@rockbridge.net.

Margo's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

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Bodies in Motion, At Rest

Credo was first published in 1999 in Saravesti. Bodies In Motion, At Rest was first published in 2000 in Snowapple.