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she liked that other thing

she was always trembling…
I told her to keep a gypsum
seed in her belly button

she was always whispering…
hands on my shaft telling about
the girl she touched in high school

she was always leaving me…
and shocked at the orgies
I had when she went away

she was always curious

"god baby, I could only feel you—
dominating me, I never knew it
could be so painful"

she was always looking behind her…
and there I was; lighting a cigarette,
opening a beer, in my leather mask,
owning her, paying double the rent

she was always writing me…
nothing dirty; just complaints
about her mother and the cuban boys
and how she misses my motorcycle
and "that other thing"
she could have seen the world with me
she could have made that girl scream

she could have been greek

in that leather mask

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