Unlikely Stories Presents

MARK BATTELLE and the secret c-word

To the Unlikely Stories home pageSure, he's shocking. But if you read Unlikely Stories on a regular basis, nothing here is going to shock you any more. Mark Battelle is better than shocking, he's open--completely open to both experience and dissection. He goes out, observes the madness of our world, and actively participates in it, then comes back to share it with us, in clear and precise language with enthusiastic, cheerful poems. He brings it all to our doorstep, and asks us, "Ain't it grand?"

Mark says, "I am the greek son of a nut-house rapist.

"I lived on the streets of new orleans for fifteen years
"I was discoverd accidentally by various insane magazine editors
"I'm only looking for a venue to exult my friends who never made it out
"I can be found as of late in western europe or africa."

Mark's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

she liked that other thing
And latex cunts
At large