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it is funny
it has been done before
it is 75 cents in a urinal
semen in your popcorn
a man wearing a beret at a movie theatre
a kid making them cry with his jokes and mistaking it for laughter
it is 8 hours in a public restroom holding a bucket of water
it is a paycheck
it is a wet hole
it is a dirty sheet
it is a face at a glance on the street
a tear in a seat in some restraunt on a friday afternoon in autumn
it is eternity
it is thinking yourself into oblivion in five minutes
a toilet flushing
a pebble in a shoe
walking around with your dick dragging out for 3 years
living inside other peoples hells
lonliness,insanity,and the loss of everything you hated to begin with
it is seeing the reflection of your childhood in bloodstains on a sheet
it is looking at a meal thrown up in a dimly lit hallway old skin
and fish wrapped in family pictures
people scratching on the door like dogs hunger
the cold air coming through the morning window and erasing your memory
standing over a sleeping body numb with love
thirsty in the doorway
clutching your wiped defeated dollars

in the doorway
in your vanishing fist
fecund lust
in the light of the clock
alight the outside night
fast away down the walk
a secret to themselves
lovers secret luning walk
enchanted by their youth and the night
like sweet whisky
running from cracks in 
hanging apples
into the dirt

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