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fragments from the life of a sleepwalker

it'll take awhile for all this to become real
it's still too new

it's been nothing nothing
since the beginning
of the game

he says humor isn't dead just people
then there's a sudden halt
& he falls off the

if i were a machine i'd've never been made

it was not my life that was on fire but the world's around me

can i have some of your money
so i can buy another bottle

she is a dreamer trapped in a machine
& if i were a machine i'd have never been made

the sleepwalker screams into the pay phone
"you can't think that way.
you think we'll bump into some miracle man
who will save us from all this?
you think the price of living will ever go
          i was ready to get outta here when all this happened.
          i had a bus ticket to florida."

it's been zero zero since the beginning of the game

    pappy, where's my body?

                             all i have left is anger jealousy & fear

pappy    give me back my body

                                    all i have left is anger shame & fear

pappy  what has become of my body

                                       all i have left is jealousy   pain & fear

pappy  where have you hidden my body

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