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None For Me, Thanks

since my parenting skills
seem to lay mainly in the areas
of yelling and punishment

since there is no shortage
of dysfunctional families
out there already

since i have a vile temper
a mean streak a mile wide
little patience and less money

since i am one selfish bastard
and it would all be
one hell of an inconvenience

since i would detest having to
settle into some shitty job for the
long haul, no end in sight

since most of my favorite hobbies
like smokin', drinkin', gamblin', tokin'
would set a horrible example

since my creative life would
inevitably fall to the wayside so as
not to force a child into poverty

and most of all, since i had the
good sense to marry a woman
who feels the same way

i remain

and don't ask me
to babysit

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