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You've heard of great heroes and fearless gunslingers
Who rode o'er the prairies like Gods in their day,
But none could compare with the Albany wizard
At keeping the rascals and scoundrels at bay.

A large crowd of Democrats gathered together
To listen while Mario made a great speech.
Hushed was the crowd as they heard the oration
for they knew that Mario had much to teach.

Deep was his voice as he trashed the Repubulicans,
Weaving his mystical, magical spell;
Loudly they cheered as he challenged the president
To come debate with him in hall or dell.

"Mario, Mario," pleaded his followers,
Visioning Roosevelt and the New Deal,
"Say you will run and we'll crush the Republicans
And make that overweight elephant heel."

Starry eyed liberals talked to astrologers,
Movers and shakers and soothsayers too,
Asked if he'd follow his manifest destiny.
What would the king of the Democrats do?

As the speech ended the people adoring him
Said "You must run or we'll lose if you don't."
Cuomo replied to the people imploring him,
"Maybe I will and maybe I won't."

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