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hashhead in a hotel room


and i'm in a room
with my old shoes
and i'm sad
in a room
with old ghosts
i'm sad lost love
what i lost
what i lost
love lost
 but i claw my blood
my hole i am
i claw my love
and my love
is your napkin
nothing and my
love is your loneliness
your satiated money
hunger loneliness
drunk at piano
drunk, arm in arm
with another arm

filtt gr ai ask if
apxel juuicej af towards
to toof leaf wiltart
are you lost volvo plat
pltash on plate wrink
wristcan dy lyon butter
to nourish b ov bx roaards
road was drag in sun
tai cat tug tail
jug weather feathers trse
below holdst of ni bl o
covreulm dug un d
hive can stuch cracket
hung on bangstand
dug footprt od into 

thoughts sway crooked
no cigarettes limp
tired unwashed sway
the walking hill
sink sun sucked
into the puckering
door humid cracks
dust blows wind
leaves lithe
and blood,

pink girl young shirt
coins passing black
the flippant leaves
rock to sway gasping
names at once to
half napping dream
eyes cloudy and
movie tongue bath
cut outs grinning
to themselves
the smoky drunken
leather bottle brown
smile eyes missing
mirrored look
i have flowers in
the dirt wash
trailing down to
the street

when i'm not 
waiting for
a smoke
i feel like i'm
laughing untouched
bed feather
incest melody
half open
closet bedroom doors
music rises off
the morning hills like time
coughing and louis 
armstrong's dead
tired alone wind
roads wrapping

a little night music

it was late night
music drunk smoky
room television 
muted shades drawn
lights muffled
i started smiling
broken into the
broken carnival
drunk laying on
the carousel
the bottle scraping
the sand
in my tired 
and the carousel
rotated and 
clocks rotated
and i was
smiling listlessly
on the floor

there are lids 
on all the 
while the dead
gaze into their eyes

there is a gentle 
in every well lit
they're all really
stumbling around 
in their bedclothes
rocking their
squealing restless
bones back
to sleep
and that room
that has the
blank smile
of sleep
there are gentle 
dreams dissolving
the windows
like small
religious dolls
dancing to
music coming 
from somewhere
the songs
the thoughts
are harmless
we are 
in here
we trim
all the leaves
and shave
the branches
we smile
at our smile
we work
we sway
i expose 
the badger 
that is buried
to its ribs
in my ass
and thrashing
so we can 
listen to the
coffee house blues
and ball over
our ugly sewing
machine hand
wain white wedding
octobered dairy
mart dream
these words
are weak
muffled bored
sunlit dust
coffin hamsters
digging woodchip
their graves
over and over

sleep lost
dull bulb light
on dried corn

a porcelain
in a granite 
cowers by

drivel my
flips hard
boiled egg
on grizzly
fat ass

all the poor 
fuck does
now is
play with
an erector
set in
the sunlight
and look at
the flowers

we work
we talk
we eat
we meat
we stink
we think
we drink
we rot
we forget
to shut off
the blender
we smack rock
with a hammer
under the sink
where we all
have no teeth
and babies bounce
in drunken
we can get high
from tobacco
ate age 12
and trees eventually
drop their fruits
into the dirt
we fuck
we dream
we lye
we cream
we dye

i did not
know what
i did
but i dew know i bawt
a radio
that only plays
one station
a woman bawling
i started on a cigarette
in a pack
and walked
around in ellipses
until the pack
was gone
then hid behind
a bush
and placed my 
yoyo in the
dirt and cried
and pointed
at it
and my face
became very 
trees, knotholes
the fingers
reach out of 
the hole
and throw
rocks at the
i pedaled
my old car
around the
fat whisky bell
a cop told me
it was right
next to a big
lutheran church
i couldn't miss it
but i arrived
at the church
and it wasn't 
there so i
kept walking
the pack of 
cigarettes rests
on the bed
and i'm gonna 
smoke this one
with my
limp grin
pissing your
poet juice
another whore
gets old
and takes a 
pancake shit
while staring
up at the tminwhistle night
window screens
smile at your 
it rains outside
someone somewhere
i know thinks
europe is exotic
and the little bud
unravels and
really cares
nod and 
smile the
streets frown
curved smile
vein wrapped
wrapping under
crumbling flesh
they nod
and laugh
and they both
hate the
poor idiot
who taps his
ashes on the
and places
a slice of
a slin of 
time on the 
my dogs took
me to
paris in their
rabid mouths
and dropped me
face first in
a porkchop
cunt that snap
shut like a
venus flytrap
on my face
i stuck my cigarette
in her ass
and the young
girl love chatter
the hotdog stand
and he smiles
his dick smearing
mayonnaise across
her face
i'm dying
here and ain't
she sexy
throw me a balloon
i can't swim
and i howl like
an old music box gypsy nickel
funeral march
for a human
wind up doll
an axe
smacks me in 
the brubre 
face all still
but flowing
swill and
ugly teens prom
jeans diddle
each other with
their toes
in a parking 
lot in paris
god help me
"i am fed well this term,
and my superiors
are licking their chops
oh, cum on my 
or, cum on my 
cold waxen skin
i mumble 
dull insults
when i am
all alone
gained five pounds 
of granite dust
in the lining 
of my clothes
man wanna
make your
nicemares come 
true your
furnace drunk
in a hot air
i dawdle on
and i piss
of the edge
of the
moon into the
old brooms
tin cup
and he taps
the tip of his
sturdy boot
on a star
and the rowboats
chug by
on flooded streets
in ohio
some flowery
imaginations think
of some victrola
spiraling venice
i lay down
in the earth
asleep cooking
in all the ovens
i fell out of
step drunkenly
up the dirt
music skips
across paper lips
sunrise teers
sunrise tares
tares away
sitting in the 
of a well
smoking a pipe
smoke into the
wisps and specters
the stars 
come all of childhood
collapses onto
the tabletop
from the
yanked flower
in the vase
i wandered
from the dead
into my childhood
or ghost town
with kisses peach
wine drop from
on the cheeks
hot my am
dead and the
music no longer
seeps of the
doodle faces
i'm dying
dead love
to play
the living
the newspaper
on the wind
and they yank
off your
feathers and
toss them into 
the wind 

Liquenesses of Renfield

stubbles eyes
glass specs circular
chin flab and
miedee eyes upturned
to the negative
firmament like
deyd toothache
goldfish he wears
a patchwork
walks windex luck
stops ratchet
juggle sink pipe
to eat meat
tears swim down
into the cup of gob
dungheaps dot the
hills and renfield
hung head with
an adobe hat
he trips
and falls on his
and the hat
and he lays still
on the clumps
of crabgrass
the wooden barge
that carries 
the heartbroken
in circles around
imperfect city groans on by 
like cello teeth
grinding the sun
happy mocking flowers
stands up vomits
down the
air walks
fast his doohing
shoes clatter
and we laugh
at night
at fools
flailing around
in the music
like their
reflection in
the shining
grass flailing
renfield wails
and pours out
his bottle on
the sidewalk
puts his 
fingers through
the cracks in the
to play the piano
shoves bolts
can lids
and dogteeth
into his
toothless gums
to smile
at the alleycats
and they run
shrieking through
the night
pass all the
silent rapes 
christmas carols
embark hotly
dark rooms
from nervously
giddy clockradios
and renfield
is all alone
laying in the grass
with his shoes
off crying
and his sobs
sound to him
long drags of 
the squeezebox
the music drags
up the music 
flails the weeping
polluted entrails
we toss
our cold flowers
to melt on
hot bellies soft
haired wheezing
lust the darkness
trying to swallow
the curtains
off the wall
it is night
and the empty
liquor bottles
dance in the
wind with eyes
fluttering in lust
poetry weed-bliss
renfield dozes off with
a dead crab
in his wild hair
renfield, he
renfield, he
up the wall
the girls 
renfield, his
body passed
through the open
his dick
passed, his dick passes into
lains lax
we wailed for
his master
and drowned
in his bowl
of milk
with a knife
stuck in
his head
he laid off
drift off
dreams of
car hum master
and we
sleep under the
wind wiping
the sweat streaking
our bodies
the ghosts dance 
drunken allure
gasp for air
renfield places
a paint
shoves a paint brush
into his
erect cock with
his pants at
his knees
and dances
in sad circles
with his hands
in the air
and falls out
the window
into the muddy water below

wacht quivr 
a grey fish swim 
his intestinal

we play 
we play all
night and day
with our yoyo
our yoyo in
the bay
we play

we are we
us hedonists 3
gaze upwards
& chew 
down leaves.

The End
the girl was trying 
to cook a fish
in the microwave
but she lost it
grabbed the microwaves
above her head
waved it around
with a craven
look on her face
and i guess a valve
broke, and a gas
belched out and
kept coming
the girl smelled it
and fell over
the baby asleep in the 
gut heavy as lead
the gas
flowed out the
window and into 
each bedroom
each cabinet
or closet
corner or
stair or
each person
sniffed it
each person 
breathed it
and fell
so sounds 
the final 
and i am
asleep on my dreams
under the wires

wandering around 
the hollow 
of childhood 

oriental girl with
a teddy bear liking
for poor
white trash
myself i guess
torn shorts
blond hair
cheap worn shoes
no style
and i am
withered at 3am
bought 15$ crack 
in the parking lot
fuck all you loveless, lying
masses, and fuck 
me too
I just want to X

more bad jokes
more people
who just want
to assist my
more absence
more hunger
it is empty
i am ugly old
dead young
and have no will
to become 
it hurts 
to be alive

his drainfaucet slits closed and
he pulled the egg sheet out
of the torso's horizontal orifice

new orleans
a tourist asking to
take my picture with 
a cigarette
five minutes later
a pretty joker asking
"hey can i take
your picture with
a cigarette, just kidding...
the night melts like chocolate
my mind swims 
i saw a v
and fell in l
i walk fast so no
one sees the tears
greasing out of my
eyes like drool
and half an hour
later, saw him in
a walgreen's whiet
buying a notebook ankjhd 
cjnovrhterd gmyj ehearbdkt
with it
the mosyy angells float
through the love sick streets
always afraid people can
tell what i'm thinking
here, not bothered by it
tasting suicide
bring your innocence to
new orleans to slake
the dead drunk
i said hello to a 
fiery eyed woman 
sitting on the stairs
and she said
hello back
in a sonorous voice
that carried me
down the block
white fingers
press my spine
night wafts down
like a sheet
children carry me

Fleurs dew maul
go away oil take feathered
drest pipe south kitimal
youl vilve rise
smoke llz coil bod
up line the theeth liehp
slrr ing
i haven't washed 
combed or cut my
in many months and
i've got a wad of feather
pillow flowers atop my 
i got a little cold looking
for the birds buried in the
L yellow sign street
voices roll eyes my sr sprkle
roll voices and tilt
swarth fast walk
along hilt the off
street eating belt
look at each other
rolling third eyes
up skulls inm ask
mine cabu
roll by sand cabs
spoon willing swilth
dove ear tell rough 
after dtfltzz
obrvourd spanoing
tin dolls down
ratch ant
week tom soothe 
this is a
love jaulk for dd bly 
dead eye
like to read 
aloud to gravestones
dice walk sound
shounldr gouge
now i'm sad
because i'm a
dead man
with dreams die too soon
i better learn the piano
instead of the text
bette rlearn the piano
stead of the next
at least i 
still have
a pen
deathslides tides for
the idiot
scenes of an idiot
approach fence pull
st uaf carrot gulf
wailing white voice on
the radio
member of the 
audience voice is
like background music
layers over everything
wail shit dog ass post
bad and the lithe kid
wails, fuck idiot
walks into a horse
and drops his pillowcase
full of negatives film
rolls the nice pretty
class fruits and vegetables
clatter banter and soup
and the idiot bows
and shoots a capgun
at the audience
i was carrying a 
paintcan (face falls
off onto the sidewalk
tries to slather away
i grab it and staple 
it back on with thumb
someday, i wont seem like
a tourist! everywhere
i go i feel like one
someone pulls my arm 
off while i'm walking
by and i spin around
and land in a pile
of garbage
i the idiot
punch persons 
blood splatters on
the raw eggs 
the shit the table
people waitress
bringing them
silent mouthing
words a streetlamp
lights a tree bbws in
wind rw a woodman
cries i never promised
you a rose garden
the idiot meat a man 
in the lot with a sled
the music sounds ugly
like all
the world's false optimism
moan weaknesses
idiots writing noble
nobel prize wining
humiliation shit from 
inside industrial sized
confetti covered junk
garnish cardboard boxes
the world's false optimism
moan weaknesses
i find luxury and nirvana
like bliss in high/drunk/dreams
and anything else no one
has noticed diarrtside plaontk
shaft ot tou lidde
witter laugh shelves
woodchips knife gouge plow
false out the tinder
mouth chow
a handful of dirt
a handful of unique jewels
the idiot me
meat a man in
the hot joke
"i love you
"come here let me rob you
"green shake table spade fireflies
"i will paint you into time my love
search the false
corridors of television
for a falling roll
of dreams fading
"i love you
"i smell you
"i am in a dark 
room and someone
run of
weck bulb oart shafts
in nothing
meat fall the crank
road grease tool
i didn't use to be 
idiot, before
but i got smart
now i ain't an
idiot kneemore

jocular drunk
bubble preamble
for a body
slumped over in
the back of a
parked empty car

i've been living on 
one bag of flamin' hot cheetos
one pack of cigarettes
three liters of tea
a lump of weed 
a day in my room
and wandering the streets

i sucked on ebl boddet
of big shot strawberry cola
and think about all the
dead men
who were afraid to die

dozens of summers
will change to fall
going to miss it all

i'm going to sink
into the earth
one minute minutes
from now i
sit in a room
dreaming about love (air
now music plays
the radio air

in the street i heard
"is this your only 
night on bourbon street?
my pace quickened
flickering wall wn nngs

here i squeeze my blood
onto the page
white while age
let red wines age
who wants to be
dabbing onto someone tongue
squeezing onto someone's tongue.

The drunk adventurer searches
for a precious stone or
halfpenny woodpipe for a wino
(the titles the best part)

i awoke under the red cardboard
fan and placed my boots on
piece by piece and lacing them
noon the beam i lifted the
bottle for a taste and saw
a flicker a native approached 
me smiled said nothing i wobbled
towards the light my marijuana
offering fell out of my mouth i 
step into a red black pike ines
lgrass popcancvl mashdn chairs tch
mch si ach boot in the nailsot pass wires
steeltobss i stepped onto the train
it below proceed stuff bottudl preaust
tha fo tego bulge and drape the
sunny side of the street prunes shouldr
sho humps hum shirts bone back sat
ford wlktz
down coat forward on an fingernals 
to the stone hovel de sun rails sqendz
bat batten branch wovin take the 
trumpet from the tree toss dead eyegraves
blue old tan placed a paper doll on the
counter for cent rent dives into a gas
station pushes a can open pull
out a white pork cube
.the jewel.

once, downtown
burgerstreet, usa
i was drunk and
inside a fury of dreams
(fucking dreams
what's it mean?
decided to call my father
are you keeping clean?
he asked
i said
later that night
i got mud onto someone's 
white carpet 
puke on someone's 
white toilet
what what's it mean?
blew 30$ on a handjob stripper
and i want a little whore
but i'm broke
told the father
i was gonna get a 
tattoo of the virgin
on my forearm
he told me to get
it on my ass-
still lusting after his son
after all after all these years
i thought i lost my looks when 
i turned six fingers
112 looks grim written
with a wobbly hand
a face leers
sickly from the wall
bubble lust withered skin
cum warm wine
drools out of the eyes
the tongue lols ot like
a swollen steak
through a foray of 
falling teeth clatter
enamel indian coins on
the ground

sorry dad/you cant fuck
/me no more went/out
/&found me a whore


one of me laying 
on the bed
another of me
a hideous snake look
on my face
shoes on, lifts one leg up
drops it, lifts one leg up
places the foot soul on
the wall
steps onto the wall
walks up the wall
stands there, knees bent
slightly, smiling


the cover of this notebook is bluer
everytime i look at it my thoughts
turn into the glossy blue the cover
of a new notebook 2.29$
life sinks into the butter soft flesh
my words dissolve forever to blue covers
on notebooks bar code to blue covers the blue
fills the halls like chlorine
seeps into the night
makes it cool for a dreary dawn
tired, and still here, most of us

i stick out my head
and mouth a few nonsense words
with a wign hanging schoolbus or cherry
i mouth a few nonsense words.

after i was hungry for 
awhile it changed my ways
personality about me
compacted my ego boiled
my imagination like an egg
ravaged my capacity 
for happiness hunger a
fire in a rose garden
the cold air gnawing your
cold body like yellow teeth
desperately trying to chew
through a vein in a chicken thigh
hunger makes us human
hunger makes art human
enough weed for weeks of stoned hunger
fuck this eat if you can all the eggs
in the carton fried in sausage grease
dogs spit in hunger din of car
horns air conditioner fan roar open window
birds dead flowers whir timpny boards
slap down want percussion the boarders
of the quarter jazz radio rumbles brass
whale call hungry gut trombone wail

i'm very high
i suppose drugs are bad
i suppose sobriety looks terrifying
when you're high and the other
way around, too
when the self is the enemy of
the self
when your mind has been 
cut in contrast with your soul
when your body reflects the 
punctual churning of the mind
when all words you heard sound
like meaty chords thumped off
a wood-rotting base
when your energy is gone
you are tired
you are tired of everything
and you're dragging a giant cross 
everywhere you go
because sunlight hurts the eyes
and you cant see at night
i can sometimes afford drugs
i can sometimes afford escape
i've lost poetry in fires
lost it to dogs papers
raked into piles with dead leaves in november
put into garbage cans by
myself and others
i have no refuge
i have no self
i have no safety
i have no love (drugs, i have
hate, help, hungry, poor
useless, defunct, prostrate, listless
dead whore holds a hotel key in one hand
dead father looks out from his
dead cage where some middle manager
cut him out of life like a piece
of brown cake with white icing
dead 4am
i get strange looks,
wherever i go
oh so tired

dozing off, hear the words
"life has treated you, poorly
mans voice, dried out, empty
declarative tone
after swallowing a bottlefull of
the din of voices ceases
the cacophony halts
my father eats adolf hitler's cunt off through spit
wet pants rip
my somber visage spreads a 
baying paralyzed hairless mouse
on a black broken moist toasted bread
while aluminum flakes 
into my hair and onto the bread
a grunting foot flails around while
a hand from an empty piss coal dust
filth sub road flop gut carves into
the mouth lustily with a broken to a point
butter knife the mouth very wide half
the face cut to tatter strange meat
pink shrimp bloody writhe on the 
titties' pink shirt

weaves stop turret,
     downpour weaves

the dogs outside my 13 inch window
are very anxious 
this uneasy night, where a calm
placates me, i feel dead
but relaxed, tonight ill walk down
bourbon, the dogs outside, barking again
someone somewhere is going to die
tonight, it is evident in the air
i kiss the angel's feet
the anxiety convives the air above
the sneering plots and houses that
glare down and i feel guilty i am
not a carpenter
the arias float of the small radio
the dogs haunting canticle
at a lull, the
(heroin just isn't stylish anymore
i brush back a tear and think back fondly
obscene comic faces
rubber oil like wait
down the street to collect 
me in black eyes
the dog fence
chain dog the grass can
quence hoot paw
the dirt chain rattle
and the tan pit bull 
looks like a demon strutting 
in its fenced in quarters
a face peers in through
my 13 inch window
a frame for the hairpin 
milkdud goathoof lip licorice flabber the cunts are open wide tonight
blood trickles down legs and walls
the angels blew out of new orleans
with the newspapers, smoke and music
i buy some cream soda at a foot store
with the sunlight setting melting off
the concrete into the dusty chain
windows sprawling bent glaring
outside the corpses of 
the dead nazis and jews
squaredance on a chessboard
of ratty mattresses, thriller
and the pearl bangles toss
gasoline and whisky down
on the but the dead
always catch the cigarettes
in the lip
footsteps, black fences, green
wood, footsteps, silent walkers,
the city sleeps like an obese cat
in the oven of a blind mans house
the chains rattle
and the pit bull is restless again
the leer passes over the city
while everyone can hear someone
else's voice for a moment and
sips beer in blue rooms
with the shades drawn face 
waiting for a dead man to
toss his playing cards, rose petals, and goldfish
the black green bayou wings swings
serenade over city
where the mirrors show
another room and another
body for uneasy tap
greasy fingers reach from
the spittoons and write
nonsense on the walls
the bottlenecks coil and dance
like hips, like snakes,
like virgin thirst slakes
pass under gold sunken 
shadow hallway leaves
and vines draping their
sugary limbs around indifferent
streetlamp reluctant true
loves hung over the streets
a light for each love burned 
to cinders and one thousand more
the walls lean in on me
the structure is smiling
and the ghosts are intoxicating
tonight in the concrete and metal
corridor and blossom ominous
reds and blues unassuming landscape
the doorknobs float in
mid air along the 
where people up in rooms
drink eat piss shit
stare into the mirror
grow sickly and lost in
luscious dreams misery
piss ropes away their pupils
cunt teadrops down the
faces that enter wooden doorways
and their memories run between
their legs like time
children giggling faceless and
playful dogs disappearing
around the corner
under a stone stairwell
with chipped blue paint
the marriage of figaro
plays over and over again
on a dusty record player


Everything Whispering
     "Im dying

he stepped into his night gloom
and the moon lolled out its
blistered satyr's tongue last night
they had parted an iguanas 
tongue up the middle with a 
razorblade it was pinned down
with nails down with needles
laced over with dental floss
stop light from a gravel spin
whistle highway to pathetic crab grass
grinning at shiny 
small blue cars rushing gently
open by the boat started
hunched over he makes a 
straw of his beer and sucks
dead fish floating the sides
in the darkwoodlit box
and black statues melted
in the candle light over
cups or small hamsters
and frogs in glass cases
flailing lust around tin
cages equally small and pinched
fat eyes glare sideways
with corn chewing spite
and lacerating panting sob
i aim my pistol at
he and fire a clear hole through
his chest his pupils turn
silver he smiles the
darkness comes in like
a trashbag fill of water
or large black clothing with nobody inside

in a food store by the french market
he looked
tired and hot in his heavy clothes
tourists walked around him horses
police locals quick punchy stoics
running over to buy pints of
whisky from the
stores across the street
the coca cola advertisements is
hanging and the people
walk in empty rolls glancing
at trashcans and sixty feet
forward runs his fingers through
his black hair
sleepy mask doesn't bother hiding his
emotions no one notices him
saturday night live and
sitcoms that advertise CNN
tired dead shopkeepers pushing
expired cigarettes college professors
getting drunk on margaritas in
bourbon street mustard stain on
the sleeve of a vampires long black jacket

many meat flowers being fucked by
apes & men

apes & flowers fuck bent men


create something otherworldly
it is my job to construct
the ivory tower
(stuffed full of weed
(sweating cock giddy
a sea of dreams crashing
and breaking
upon each other
wistful spectral beauty that
surrounds and makes drunk
gentle erotica apart
the steel and concrete limbs
pulling the folds open
standing in line
jaws agape
a swimming unreal mirage
of dissolving smoke on the back
of an unnoticed spider
a dark wood for the virgins
who step from the cradle
who step from the aperture
into frozen limbs, into the empty night
the black blue sky bearing
its coils down bearing its
coils down to dissolve at the touch
for faces sobbing
soft faces puckering
in barefeet clutching
the cool axehand to
warm chest darkness
tree canopy monkey hands
engulfing the face black
bag plastic
bare feet tender caked
with mud and needles, pine
sighs as the eyes
match the burning night skies
and he goes, first and last
into the past, with a
draw of his hand, and
dew soaks and cradles 
the land

the ivory tower sparkles 
like a puddle in the moonlight.

Bloom spoils of life
washing the yawning stone
fields green
lights reach up flat 
faced music billboard
lax over grass
shadows embrace
lounge backwards
twisting over the rush
street grass trees confused
teary eyed listen
moving with the cars and
the wind
and during the day
we have conversations
behind windows and
ordered relations where
our passions are saved
for dreams asleep
we do our laundry
earn our flesh
and sleep through the night that
wails 4am aria skies blinking
tired eyes on the horizon
with the fleeting purple trees
wave goodbye
on the nights warm breeze

1 2 3
doldrum beats
clash meats
collapse we

for the past five minutes 
i have been smoking weed
out of a black clay pipe
smacking mosquitoes on the walls
and listening to the magic flute

i'm drowning in
the void again
struggling to get
my lips around
the bottle

devout religious monkish moralist
crazy apocalyptic prophet.

Who Needs to get drunk

reality is the
imagination and the 
imagination is reality
i play with my toys
i smoke my dope
i write my nursery rhyme
i check out on time

outside there wait
situations to envelop
you in their grease
love or hate
some wait in clutched
glee on a pile of blankets
to fall in love with you
sipping a beer waiting
to deliver a few sentences
a gesture
eating a plate of saltines
waiting to plug your ass
with a switchblade with a 
cork wedged atop
watching tv waiting
to deliver a sermon
waiting to spit in your nipples
waiting to buy you a 
plate of spaghetti with
their ears
waiting to beat you
into the earth
and your blood seep into the earth
where you got beat down to
stuff a beer bottle
into your throat
and into your void
eating a street sign
they wait to toss
their cards into the air
wait with their keys
to take you on amusement vacations where
you might learn a thing or two
or kill a thing or two
and leave it under the pine wheedling
place an object on your body
or into your body or sob in hysterics as you light another cigarette
honk their horn at you
when they see your dumb ass
bad vibe will kill time
show you a television show
show you an addiction or an erection
and ever since i met these
characters i've been writing
like a dyke guitarist
flashing her tits in
a grocery store on HBO
in lost in jovial high now got enough
money but before
i was hungry and almost
in the street
i'm the reflecting mirror
but i'm alive here
high now gone tomorrow
love dissolving
sunbeams window passing
drug you
love you lost

don't care to much about anything
were all going to get some sleep


this often happens when
i have not smoked

i collapse into a pile of dirty clothes and
light a cigarette limp

shit i think they're hip
i've been getting high
in this little room all day
i smoke so much that 
i've got long term side effects
i've been getting 
funny looks and i can
hear lysol cans outside my door
think the kids in the
backyard next to
my window got fucked
up just off the smoke
blowing out my window
new orleans is too fucking middle class anyway
all the big cities are dust
full of fucking american tourists
even the ones in europe
shit, i'm gonna drive a truck
i am idiot
world is playpen

approached me
shattered my face
then made me sing tom waits
in some smoky hole on a 
microphone with my blood
trickling down
clapping afterwards
and kicking me in the ass

i have no delusions
about being a drug addled
highschool drop out
and socially perverted
lollipop tree of disorders
bumming off people anyone
writing poetry and secretly
hating to be alive
lost in the fog, lost soul,
lady of the wood
thorn branches grow from odd angles
of my body and pull off peoples
clothes or snag or tear them
cut their skins and snap
my branches and twigs off
exquisite pain
strike snapping twigs
snapping vines, twigs snapping
thorns, blood dropping
i smile ecstatically with 
my eyes glowing and leaves
in my teeth
hang on the walls of my
room blood dripping
of my damaged chords
into teacups, new
fingers hairlash agrow
with thorns
to drag down the hall
my personality is a
draino washtub i sleep

i don't write poetry to get laid
someone kill me

small town artist ,playing
petty crookedry

the back aches i must
stretch it under this
highway where i slept
in a plastic tent

85 cents on my bed

suicide, art, life
all gambles of various 
degrees, drinkers luck


theatre walls, the more wretched
the condition, the more splendid
the imagination, through walls

a rail thin singing feline
pressing her tits against
the dim audience with
tremors in her voice

the face scowls the 
door slams dogs bark
scalding road

the birds foot finds my
scalp, the windows sink
passing blues reflections

glass bone twisting

glint stars
glint small bits of gravel
glint metal, glass wink light

understand in the end
that it was a theatre act
put on your pitiful soul

there are the businessmen
and women in the dregs
and i am the desperate
torn laundry left on
the line severed

i saw a likeness
glowering down the block
bent shutters tails bronze
disfigurements at play
and covered with coin slots
25c rolls coin inside
pinball am np porrk
whis ilohus ktrnk
wheel drop,
the likeness unraveled walked faster
its eyes lucid
wood canyon spiral
face small chain ear 
two lobsters tear at his
metallic face thumbs visit gourl dem mound rock crr atp

Nursery Rhyme

waltz naive
he walked through the streets
he heard was the sun
he picked up people as frozen 
toss them into the road
where they spilled like snowballs 
across the road

i try to get 
the will to write
something very awful
that will upset myself
as well as the reader
but realize
the job
is already done
i could care less about it all
that sinks in the glass broken air
skin, the walls that walk
inside fugue rhythm
the faces that fog
scabrous pock marks
with their menacing
gin vines reaching
towards god
my cigarette smells
like the pine forests
pulling music in the 
center of the birdbath
the illusions remain
but my mind does not
of the gnashing 
my cock eyeballs
rolling like poolballs
gnaws at my zipper
i tap the valve
on a drinking fountain
i tap the collective
leg and arm bodies
from my ear into
the toilet along
with the strangely
one cling wet my earlobe
crabs, scorpion
vice, the dice roll
down the hall
the stink crawls
up the wall
the gently burning
man gently lies
on a pile of cotton
his leg points to the moon
smoke billow
nervous youth
enters the tunnel slide
sliding down
a slide that never 
opens on the other side

voices and colors
spreading thin
voices and colors

bg: my room doesn't have a closet
desk: none of the rooms do. this is a euro style house, one step
up from a hostel where you share a bathroom.
bg: but i've been to europe and all my rooms have closets
you see, i have to hang up my suit, i don't want to wrinkle my suit
desk: this is a euro-style house. we don't have closets in any of the rooms.
bg: but i've been to europe! all my rooms had closets!
desk: your best bet is to go to xxx where you can buy a bundle of 
them for 1$
bg: OK
do all the rooms in europe have closets

paris exists
only in america
america is the
coughing of people
the imagination 
painted on dollar
leaves blow in
the street smirking
dollar bills
it is hard to find love
it is hard to find money
one ruins the other
so the ruined walk
from shrine to space
to street
sewn leaves gather
the street
money and feet
burnt out hearts beat

The Intelligent Mosquito
the man went into the
bathroom smoking his
tobacco pipe he filled
his bottle of water
and drank a mosquito
fruitlessly claps his
hands over it the
dogs begin to bark
they are irritable to
noise he likes the dogs
the mosquito loops
above his head he grabs
a bath towel and
climbs on the bathtub
pipe in mouth trying to
strike the mosquito he
fell and
broke his hip the mosquito
lands on his forehead
between plump beads
of sweat

in amsterdam
they sell shrooms
like tomatoes
and weed like
black pepper
ladies on
the dollar in the
red light district&
i think i'll live there
for awhile

to achieve childhood in art
to achieve it in art
to achieve drunkedness in art
to achieve drunkedness with beer
to achieve second childhood with beer
i claw up the thorn splinter
and vine fence that stetches

i chew up my shoes i chew up
the roses the dogs tail wags
in my bloody winedrip mouth
i slide snickering down thorn by thorn
to achieve art in drunkedness
to achieve getting high from weed
getting lost in the
multi numbered streets
spit down the leering
moon the leering faces drawn
with all their foods shoved
like birdparts in their mouths
to pull nickels of the shoes
shoved in between
the brick cracks
the drunken jesus drops a
dime into the bronze hand
the eyes roar like
prematurely rotting lions
licking whisky piss out of
bowls in public toilets
the headless husk with
thumping wooden legs
beat angled elbows changing
noses pushes his warty
dick into the earth and
thrashes fish until fish
ease from the parting
wet soil where the
clothes gather
them in baskets
some of them are so
hot the girls shriek
when they touch them
the smart use a shovel
the worms crawl out
of the trees like
ropes of beef from
metal teeth
the teeth in the earth
chew the fat steadily
and misplaced heels

after i accidentally gave 
him a 20$ bill
(local beggar act-guys a statue
he started to crawl
through my bedroom window at
night when i was asleep
and thoroughly scrub my teeth
the first time i thought 
it was myself doing it
so i paid no attention
but i found him in
the morning sleeping
on the floor of my 
room he had smoked two
of my cigars and
had a pint of whisky
lying next to him
i picked it up and took
a sip and pondered
the situation
i smoked 
weed out of a black
pipe wandered around
no job a bag of
weed the size of a head of
lettuce money for cigarettes
and a few more nights
entertained playful mind
games drawing of fruit from
vines in and out of reach
in the sunlight from
between the shades
and blowing mushroom
clouds dozed off
to music high night
window gaspcape
and woke to a bronze
face scrubbing my teeth
my mouth bled
suds and blood drooled int omy throat
i lay there
"thank you
i mumbled
his hateful glare
met mine
he dropped the toothbrush
walked out the door
and stepped into one of
his fantasy chambers
eyes like strawberries, silent
i washed my mouth
out with water
sat on the bed smoking
a cigarette

sorrowful notebook lines
one mile off

high, i feel fine

its a delightful place!
how come they don't fucking
serve two complimentary 
eggs each morning

the ugly lives
promote fine poetry
my mind is full
of sliding razorblades
quivering cunt lips
and other copper pennies
of ravenous youth

i can already feel it dying
gradually disappearing
day by day like love does

prince borodin
with a drink in hand
prince borodin

the form drapes over 
a wheelchair
playful painful music
to several empty cups
with a trombone

i look up out the window
at the glazed moon
through the black leaves at sway
and exhale a column of smoke

the ego bellows 
and the night parts

i look up out the
window at the moon
through streetlight
and exhale a rope of drool

shit,id rather stay
3 nights here than
3 nights here

two beetles 
dance in the diesel air
the wings shiver
concrete winter

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