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Education Bureaucrats (6)
It was my senior year of high school
and I was taking the enforced propaganda course
known as American Government
The biggest challenge was to stay awake,
for the school made it a rule
to hire only human sleeping pills
as social studies teachers
I survived the soporific semester,
scoring about ninety-eight percent on the tests
And then came the bureaucrat in action
The teacher would inspect our class notebooks,
which would count for twenty percent of the final grade
I knew there were others who had not taken notes,
but they played the game
and fabricated them after the fact
Integrity was rewarded with a C-plus
instead of the deserved A,
was really rewarded after graduation,
when the teacher contacted a buddy of mine
who had grudgingly played the game
and approached him with a business opportunity,
one that told all about
his political philosophy and teaching style,
an opportunity to become an Amway salesman

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