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MICHAEL CERAOLO can tango and why am I still doing this

To the Unlikely Stories home pageLike so many of us, Michael Ceraolo would like to sing a song of America, though tends to sing in the form of a question (not sure how he does that, but he pulls it off), asking us just what in the hell we Americans are thinking? Without resorting to the cliches and tantrums of the disaffected youth, Michael lays out the lies and injustices that we call American culture, challenging us to recover from the Empire we call a Republic.

Michael Ceraolo is a fortysomething civil servant/poet trying to overcome a middle class upbringing. He has had over 600 poems published in nearly a hundred journals (some unfortunately no longer with us) such as Impetus, Green Fuse, San Fernando Poetry Journal, and Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry, to name a few. He believes in composition by field and in tackling social, political, and even historical subjects, as can been seen from the selection here. Drop him a line at ceraolom@yahoo.com.

Michael's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Education Bureaucrats (6)
Literary Bureaucrats (2)
Starting Points (2)
American Canto IV