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R. R. MULLEN has an easy name to dissect

To the Unlikely Stories home pageLook! A face!The poems and stories of R. R. Mullen could often be considered love stories, if your idea of "love" is heavily laced with pain, confusion, and apathy. He speaks of obsession and disinterest; of the callous thoughts of the cynic and the deteriorating thoughts of the madman. Using slick technique and carefully cultivated style, he brings us unforgettable characters and disturbing situations.

Ryan Robert Mullen is two bronchoidal lungs, coffee-stained lips, and six a.m. He believes writers can be rockstars too. Check out more of his work at http://www.identitytheory.com or http://www.rrm.8m.net. You can write to him at RRMullen@abiotic.net.

R. R.'s works here at Unlikely Stories are:

An Approximation of Shit
One by One
All that Fruit
Snake Eat Own Tail