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Optical Time Delay
(or you can't step into the same river once, baby)

How fast can you download
your free flight mirrors?
Fasten your seat belt & enter
the world of darkness forever
Plasma solution can replace
your blood on demand
while you swim upstream to nowhere
or sew your shadow back on
like Peter Pan
You can cross any border without fear
just by wearing a motion-tracker body suit
& a simulated face
Feverishly tweaking your imagination
allows you to enjoy the restrictions
of obsolete governments,
cybersex on demand
Don't be a crash test dummy
or a teflon window
Stay a nomad and keep traveling
with or without a surfboard
If a bookmark is a bullet
then God can surely be an imperfection
There is no simple casual chain
Everything is simultaneously true
Living with flux is a permanent state
Stay on the threshold, get an impersonal computer,
bathe in the shimmer of liminal possibilities
Decenter your vision & cross
the border of human nature
Your mind is a diagram,
your heart can swivel in any direction
but if you can't shake your ass
you'll never make it to the other side
The last user is already with us
The playing field has shifted beyond
your wildest dreams
There are no rules in a knife fight.

					Brussels, 1996

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