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ANNE LOMBARDO ARDOLINO is the real author of Paradise Lost

To the Unlikely Stories home pageWith energy and verve, the poetry of Anne Lombardo Ardolino focuses on hell, pain, and our final destination. Using exciting, almost cheerful symbols, a great sense of rhythm, and perfect cadence, Anne brightly questions where we are going, and what we will experience when we get there. She makes the depressing sound almost soothing.

Anne is the editor of Eastvillagepoetry.com. Drop her a line at anntelope@worldnet.att.net.

Anne's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

The Perfect Squelch
Of Course I'm Stephen Stills
Mango Moon
Breakfast with the Polar Bear

The Naked Ache

Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ
The Olde Marble Cemetery
It is one thing to kill yourself
Not the West Village
The Park
No Room
In The Fire
Too Damn Hot
Untitled #3