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The Glance

Barely moved, the eye display diverse
emotions, conveys in brief exposure
what would take volumes to describe.
Spoken words could do no better.

A squint discloses polite disbelief
when some braggart expounds ignorance.
A glare lends strength to disapproval
of noisy argument, or crude behavior.

Eyes lifted in thoughtful surprise
may also look up in supplication.
Tears shed in shame, chagrin, confess
to error, guilt, deserving criticism.

Open wide, disguising guile, childlike
innocence. may be a ruse to deceive.
Down cast shut out ugly scenes, fright
shocking views of cruelty or violence.

Sidelong, the glance is a seductive
invitation to explore romantic rewards
for a prospective suitor. They say
eye contact is an open door.

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