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Talk Talk

"men like to fuck me because I get really wet
and use my muscles,
but I only give head to boys,
I don't want my labia to turn purple
when I get older."

"my pussy looks like a young girl's
because I won't let these men
fuck on me any old way
they want to."

"fuck me from the back and I'll think of the nastiest
stuff but you better make sure
I cum."

"my boyfriend has a small penis and doesn't like
to kiss me, but
he lets me sit in his lap, naked
when he shits."

"I got little tits with big nipples
and a fat pussy, but it makes me happy."

"my boyfriend ties me up and pretends he's
Clark Gable or John Wayne when he fucks me."

"you got a camera?
you can tie me and we'll take some pictures."

"I got this little problem,
if you can't kiss me with any more passion than that,
go fuck yourself."

"forget the talk talk, baby......lets fuck."

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