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The Ruse

You are a little idiot.  You know why I am here.  You are holding me against
my will.  You are trying to steal my money.  I refuse to be interviewed by you.
You are part of the ruse.  I will be going back to the taco stand once I am
released from here.  They don't have the right to tell me how to think.  I am
fine.  I don't need to have surgery.  I want to keep my toes.  I don't have an
infection.  I can take care of myself.  

maggots crawl
on her wound
covered with a dirty sock

They want to control people because of the ruse.  They're trying to introduce
an idea of systems of taking the homeless and locking them up in mental
institutions to keep them out of sight.  I have no complaints.  Nothing, at
least nothing that you can do because I am in constant pain.

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