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AMBERLEE CARTER matches her socks with her sense

To the Unlikely Stories home pageAmberlee Carter is like a cold shower after a one night stand. She washes off the gritty grains of poetic falsehoods and lets one into her real world. With rhythm and rhyme she maneuvers gracefully through titles such as, "whitesocksNpinkpanties", with humor and emotion packed poetry sure to awaken ones' senses.

Amberlee says, "I currently live in Idaho but dream of going all over the place, after all I've heard that writers need to experience different cultures and such to help keep them on the edge of the creative cliff. I'm the lead editor of an e-zine (ShoeBox Diaries) which is still quite small.

"Right now I've undergone the search for "The Poet Of The Year" which features poets from online poetry forums. I've made it my mission to spotlight those who are truly talented, but get overlooked due to mass submissions. I've been published online at places such as Scrivener's Pen, Megaera, Minotaur Press, Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry, Seasons4Writing, and others.

"I'm only 21 and I don't suppose I will ever reach the age where I feel accomplished; I am forever a student of this art. Poetry to me is something in the soul that begs to be given voice enough to speak to the world, I don't believe that everyone who titles themselves "poet" is indeed that. I don't believe you can teach someone to write, I think you can improve your craft or that of others, but for the most part, this form of expression begins completely in the soul. Like a spark that only gets planted in a few great minds. I don't know where I would place myself exactly, probably a writer who dreams of one day being considered for the honor of such a title. I look up to many in this art form, the classics of course, Plath, Tennyson, Yeats... and then there's the not so famous yet just as respectable, Michael Burch, Andrew Byron Carson, Jc McGee who are more or less better known for their work online than in print." Drop her a line at sinstrsidekic@hotmail.com.

Amberlee's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

after erratic encounters
falling short