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after erratic encounters

Awakening awkwardly to find the world hushed gently in new born snow.

A crucifix slaps against the nakedness of my neck, droplets of water blurring my vision,
streaking over my fleshy-pink skin, this is the way I bear my sins,
bear my sins,
bear my......

I look through the steam circling the air to my bra laying limp upon the floor,
how strange it is now,
so powerless,
so small and insignificant.
It was only hours ago that it waved gloriously from your bed-post, boldly 
declaring it's freedom from me, I recall how devotedly we saluted it with 
passionate pride dripping from our all-American existence-
yet now it is just as I am,
insignificant laying limply,
nakedly open towards the day.

The madness of my soul, the selfish betrayal as though I am the same as the 
sun who leaves the dawn to lie like a whore with the twilight.

An affair to remember I suppose,
lovers to be envied,
lilies in-spite of themselves.

No matter, I can brush my teeth removing the taste of your tongue from my 
mouth, gagging as I still inhale your cologne from off my salty, sweaty 

I can never wash away your remains for the mark is engraved in my mind from 
each time
you moaned and sighed-
and my mascara clings beneath my dulled eyes.

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