Unlikely Stories Presents

the devilishly handsome ROBERT E. JORDAN

To the Unlikely Stories home pageRobert E. Jordan doesn't mince words. His poems can be anything from free verse to sonnets, but they clearly express his opinions, in frequently violent language. He paints a colorful picture of urban life, highlighting the young, helpless, and destitute.

Robert says: "I am a 63-year-old retired engineer turned social activist and politician. My poems deal mostly with urban and working class issues and interests. Growing up in Altoona, Pa. and Philadelphia; urban life is really all I have ever known or cared about.

Twenty-nine of my poems were published or selected for publication by "Blue Collar Review", "The Oak", "Thumb Prints", "Children, Churches and Daddies", "Stepping Stones Magazine", "Voiding the Void", "Poetry Motel", "Symbiotic Oatmeal", "Axe Factory Review #12" and "Struggle Magazine."

"I am the creator of the very popular Internet news group alt.arts.poetry.urban, a sounding board for poets from the city writing about urban concerns.

"A small collection of my work can be found on my web page at http://www.prengineers.com/poetry." Check out his new book, Philadelphia River Rat Words, at the Unlikely Stories bookstore, then drop him a line at jordanr@pregineers.com.

Robert's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

The Interview
Forty Watts
Buggy in America
Beloved Auntie Ann
Joe's Not Your Mother

July 1999 - July 2000:
Get It Here at K & A
A Trip to Soupy Island
Lord Jesus and the Housebreakers