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Get It Here at K & A

All you Jeffery Dahmer Fan Club members!
Pay attention!

You can get anyone you want here at K & A
cheap, cheap, cheap.
We have your Whites,
we have your Blacks,
we have your Asians,
we have your Latinos.

You don't have to worry about cops,
because we don't count here at K & A.
You can do anything you want to us,
so bring along your imagination.

If you like them young,
we have hungry hopeless kids
wandering helpless on our streets.
Maybe you can nail down a five-year-old,
as one of your brethren nailed me down at five,
he caught me in an abandoned garage,
I tried to get away but couldn't.

I'll never forget his fat, stolid, pasty face,
his piggish watery pale blue eyes,
the feel of his pudgy shaking hands.
He hurt me and I hated him
and I would kill him now.

Nobody bothered him, because I didn't count,
so don't dare be shy, come on down to K & A.
Our young lads and lasses are waiting for you
anxious to service your every desire.

Just watch out for us aged corner boys,
sitting around the street on our folding chairs.
We're not really as old and harmless as we look.
We don't need the cops to take care of things,
they have a tendency to look away,
and they're on your side any way you know.

Because you have some money to spend,
you're on the Internet and can make a stink,
about "gay bashing", the new pet mantra
of the conservatives and fake liberals
in the White House and Congress.
It takes the public's eye off the misery
of the poor and weak living in our land.

If we catch you messing with our kids,
we'll cut off your pervert nuts,
fit you with a concrete kimono
and feed you to the fish in the river.
How's that for not being old and harmless.

You'll never understand how much I hate you.

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