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Eat Me

Hello, my name is Leslie.
I'll be your waitress
this evening.
I'll be your shrimp cocktail,
your croutons,
the shredded cheese
in your Caesar salad.
I'll be the saltine
cracker crumbs
in your clam chowder.
I'll be your filet mignon,
medium rare and juicy,
I'll be the sour cream
on your baked potato.
I'll be your tiny bowl
of applesauce,
your wild rice pilaf.
I'll be your plum garnish,
your sprig of parsley.
I'll be your mud pie,
your spoon,
the coffee ice cream
dripping from your lip.
I'll be the bill you pay,
I'll be expensive.
I'll be your toothpick,
your after-dinner

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