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F---ing in Sidereal Time
I understand it now-
The heavy featured man in a fedora
Sets the watch on the table beside me
Hands curve around numerals 
Curve around-
Up my thighs
Under my skirtů
Sliding past my time 
My defenses
Caught in moments I have never seen,
Feelings unearthed -
-I 'm no longer lateral-
Real time-
Toil and waste
Slow, painful crawl to annihilation
Twenty-four hour 
Race to the end of our days,
Look up to the sky
Measure from the zodiac
The span of my life and back again
Where is the bliss?
Handful of minutes I've savored
Thrown away,
Trodden into the dust of mediocrity.
On narrow ledge of decision
Desperate to keep my balance
Falling back under the wheels
Of boredom
Grinding down my soul
Toppling into that
Other life
Fleshed out with secrets and depth
Textures and ellipses of events
Beckon, glimmer 
On the edge of my vision-
I am-
Luminosity at last!

Existing -
Right here
In me-
Where I've curved 
My essence
Around a stranger's parts-
Found lost moments-
Scattered in my brain
Collecting in my heart-
Hidden from myself
Casualty of real time.

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