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MARIE LECRIVAIN has a last name that puzzles me

To the Unlikely Stories home pageWith a creepy way of exploring our needs and desires, the poems of Marie Lecrivain study relationships, onanism, and sexuality in a light that is at once muted and terribly bright. Sliding through our consciousness with images and symbols that are frighteningly familiar, these poems leave us feeling as though we've gained new, uncomfortable wisdom about things we never wanted to know.

Marie Lecrivain is celebrating her first anniversary into the descent of the 10th level of poetic hell. She keeps herself sane by with literary porn and free-lance photography. Her missives can be found at the ezines Twilight Times, Electric Acorn and The Blue House. Her chapbook, Vignettes in Motion, is distributed by Vibgyzor Press. Any suggestions or witticisms can be mailed to Marie at barberella8@yahoo.com.

Marie's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Brotherhood of the grasshopper
Canticle of a Bored Hausfrau
F---ing in Sidereal Time
Post-modern breakup poem
Filthy Lucre